CISM (Conseil International du Sport Militaire) is an international sports association composed of Forces personnel of member nations accepted by the General Assembly.  The fundamental aim of CISM is to promote sport activity and physical education between its members as a means to foster world peace.  The ideal is encapsulated in the CISM motto “FRIENDSHIP THROUGH SPORT”.

In the aftermath of World War I, an American (General John Pershing), recognized the need to breakdown linguistic and cultural barriers and promote friendship and moral among soldiers of Allied Forces.  As a result, he established the Allied Forces Sports Council (AFSC) in 1919 and organized that year the first international military sport event, the Inter Allied Games, in France.  Those Games involved 18 nations from five continents and 1500 athletes in 24 sports. 

 Following the Second World War, the AFSC held the Inter Allied Games in 1946 in Berlin.  Most notably, allies from Western and Eastern Europe competed in harmony.  Unfortunately, the AFSC was extinguished one year latter due to a political discord.  In 1948, CISM was founded in Nice, France.  

Since then, CISM has grown to over 120 member nations from Europe, Africa, Asia and South, Central and North Americas.  In addition to many continental and regional championships, CISM organizes over 20 World Championships annually and the Military World Games every four years with about 6,000 participants.

 CISM has developed a close working relationship with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), with international and national federations, and with all international sports authorities.  At the Olympic Games in Atlanta and Nagano, 30% and 36% of the medals respectively won were by military athletes confirming the high level of competition of military sport. 

 The Canadian Forces (CF) CISM Swim Team first competed in swimming events (swimming, diving, life saving, and water polo) in the First Military World Games held in Italy in 1995.  Since then, CFST has entered both swimming and life saving teams in all the Military World Swimming Championships or World Games.

 Today, Canada’s CISM Swim Team has Brigadier General G. Nordick (DG Int - NDHQ Ottawa) as it’s Patron.  Lieutenant (Navy) Tony Zezza (Esquimalt Base Ops) is the Team Manager.  Both are committed to foster, promote and develop swimming at the Local, Regional, National, and International level within the Canadian Forces. 

 The Team Manager is appointed by and responsible to the International Sports Manager (Mr. Roy Hillier) for the administration, staff requirements, and selection of the CISM Swim Team.  The Team Manager is assisted by Major Elizabeth Vezina (CDA- Kingston) as Canada’s member on the CISM Swimming Technical Committee.  

 Below is this year’s CISM Swimming selection criteria (English and French).  Any questions may be directed to the Team Manager at or (250) 363-4318.

CISM Selection Criteria / Qualifying Times     ...       English               French